1. Placing the order
After selecting an item, click the Add to cart button - the item will be added to your cart. If you have finished shopping, click the button Your cart.

Your cart page will list all the items you have selected. In the Quantity field, you can change the quantity of the items to be purchased. After changing the quantity of goods, you must click the Recalculate button to recalculate the total order amount.

In the Actions column, you can perform the following actions on each item: either remove the item from the cart, or postpone the item for the future.

You can also enter the discount code in the corresponding field.
decapsulated artemia cysts
2. Confirming the order
After entering the necessary information to place the order (name of the recipient, delivery address, contact information, delivery option, payment method, etc.), you need to click the Checkout button.
A copy of the order will be sent to your e-mail specified when placing the order.

Attention! Incorrect phone number, inaccurate or incomplete address may result in additional delay! Please carefully check your personal data when registering and placing an order.

Some time after the purchase, you may be contacted by our manager if there is a need to clarify the details.

3. Payment

The prices indicated on the website are final and do not require additional payments under standard delivery conditions. All taxes are included in the price of the item.

For each individual order, only one payment method of your choice is possible. Payment for the order in installments in different ways is not possible.

Possible payment methods:

- PayPal. It is an easy and convenient way to pay using your PayPal account.

- Visa / Mastercard (AssetPayments).
You can pay for your order using your credit or debit card.

- ApplePay (AssetPayments)

artemiadirect payment
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