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    Dry Artemia cysts

    After the stage of diapause deactivation and reaching the maximum and stable hatching, cysts are processed into the final product: dry Artemia cysts. Nauplii which are incubated from these cysts are extremely mobile and survive in fresh water for several hours, which is why they are especially attractive for fish.


    Starter feeds based on Artemia cysts

    Starter feeds based on Artemia cysts are recognized as the best nutrition for all types of fish and shrimp on larval and juvenile stage.


    Our natural dry products

    - are the best alternative to live feeds and used both as a transitional feed for already grown fry, as well as an essential component of the daily adults’ nutrition.


    Decapsulated Artemia cysts

    After the decapsulation process, Artemia cysts are deprived of the indigestible outer shell. The embryo did not spend internal energy on the destruction of the shell, that is why this product has higher energy value in comparison with other feeds.


    About company

    Our company Artemiadirect™ is a reliable supplier of high quality natural feeds and extruded products for different species of fish, crustaceans and reptiles. We focus on unique natural feeds commonly used in aquaculture: dry Artemia cysts (brine shrimp eggs), decapsulated Artemia cysts, gammarus and daphnia.

    Raw materials which are used in the production of feeds are tested in modern laboratories, so that the quality of our product meets all standards and requirements of the world authorities, as proven by relevant certifications. Advanced technology and well-equipped warehouses ensure a total compliance with temperature conditions and sanitary standards. This guarantees preservation of all nutritional characteristics of the product, that can withstand any competition and fulfill the highest demands of customers.

    Progress made over these years allows us to supply small and medium-sized businesses such as Pet food producers and pet shops. Additionally, the company supplies fish and shrimp hatcheries throughout Europe and Southeast Asia.


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